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ZF Passive Safety Czech

ZF Passive Safety Czech is our long-term customer, whom we help with the automation of processes and operations.

These aim to streamline the production process, free up and use employees for other more qualified work in production and significantly reduce the cost of one product so that in ZF, they are attractive prices and quality for their automotive customers.

One of the first machines we supplied for ZF was a line to produce upper belt settings. Automa CZ demonstrated its strengths at this first collaboration, so it did not stay with just one machine. The partnership is still developing today because of the right combination: quality, approach, and price are exactly what we rely on.

One of the last joint implementations is the automation of the process of manufacturing a seat belt lock in a car. The main goal of this project was to reduce production costs.

During the manual assembly and completion of the lock, eight operators were needed in the three-shift operation. The entire manual procedure involves riveting the lock heads (one operator), cable assembly (three operators), cap assembly (one operator), 2D code labeling (one operator), felt gluing (one operator), and final packaging inspection (one operator).

The robot entirely replaced assembling the covers and assembling the cables.


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