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Hyundai Transys

How many Czech companies supply production machines to Hyundai Transys Nošovice? One and only!



All production at Hyundai Transys takes place almost exclusively on machines and production lines from Korean manufacturers. Automa CZ is thus the only Czech supplier from the production equipment point of view. An example is a robotic machine for tightening bolts on car seats for the Hyundai Tuscon.

A worker initially tightened the screws on this line with a pneumatic screwdriver in his hand. Specifically, there were three workers on three shifts. The project aimed to automate the manual screwdriving workplace with one operator in three-shift operation and, at the same time, prevent the situation when the seat leaves the station with the screw not tightened, thus reducing the risk of error caused by the human factor.

The robotic workplace had to be solved about safety as well. For this reason, muting barriers were implemented, including the addition of a seat-shaped backing. The interior was equipped with a security scanner so that if the worker in the robot's cage is closed, it cannot be switched on. The entire workplace was created in cooperation with Hyundai Transys - Automa CZ.

Hyundai Transys was looking for a reliable supplier, and about the price, it also considered the requirements of safety, professional approach, and speed of installation. The company Automa CZ was selected in a regular tender, which met all the requirements to 100%.

The robotic workplace manages to tighten the bolts on one seat in 27 seconds with a production of 66 seats per hour with a success rate of 97%. The return on investment was set at about 1.5 years after costing.