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Thanks to the new assembly machine from Automa CZ and its modern features, the annual production in Novares is now 750,000 units, representing a fantastic increase in production of 50%.

Novares is an international company specializing in the production of plastic components and systems for the automotive industry. Their products include various plastic parts and features used in the interiors, exteriors, and other parts of automobiles.

Novares has a global presence and manufactures products for various car brands. They focus on innovation and technological advancement to offer customers modern and quality solutions.

At Automa CZ, we have worked with Novares for over 20 years and enjoy inventing new and modern solutions in response to the ever-increasing demand for quality car components.

This was also the case with the system's installation for the internal opening of the car bonnet and the related need for a new and faster assembly station for both the left and right versions of the mechanism.

In Novares, a similar station has operated for over 6 years. Still, it lacks the automatic checking of the correctness of the component foundation that is now carried out by the operator, which leads to a significant error rate. In addition, the machine has a limited production capacity, which makes it impossible to increase production flexibly and to react quickly to increasing demand.

The project aimed to design and manufacture a new assembly station that would allow Novares to respond flexibly to production increases and to automate assembly as much as possible, emphasizing checking the correctness of the foundation of individual components and the overall assembly.


And this is precisely what our designers at Automa CZ have successfully achieved.

We have designed and manufactured an assembly station where, thanks to automatic inspection by cameras and lasers, the machine evaluates whether the components are correctly based, and the assembly can be started. The implemented Keyence device checks for correctness before assembly so that no more errors occur during assembly.

The actual increase in machine production was achieved thanks to an innovative solution that allows the product to be assembled in two positions at the assembly station. The operator does not have to wait for one system to be assembled, but after inspection, the workstation automatically turns to crimp, and the next process starts from the other side.

Using the original machine, 500,000 parts were completed in 2022.

Thanks to the new assembly machine and its modern features, production is now 750,000 pieces per year, which means an increase in production of 50%.

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