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WITTE Automotive

WITTE Automotive is the technological leader in car mechatronic locking systems. It continuously invests in developing innovative system solutions for car doors, engine bonnets, and seat locks.

Due to the increasing demand for such high-quality components, WITTE Automotive had to secure an additional high-capacity assembly line in cooperation with Automa CZ, built on advanced automation and state-of-the-art technology.

A similar Automa CZ assembly line has been installed in WITTE Nejdek for several years. With this project, we have continued our long-standing cooperation and created a more modern version of the successful line.

This assembly line for seat locks was designed for the Bulgarian plant. And it was essential to meet both the precise production parameters and the requirements for locating the line in the limited space of the plant.

So the team of engineers at Automa CZ designed a unique type of compact pneumatic turntable to ensure the speed and accuracy of the entry station. This was followed by the automatic lubrication of components with Micro Point pulse valves, explicitly developed for the non-contact application of lubricants.

Camera controls of all lock functions on the six-position tester further monitor the quality of the product at the outlet and automatically reject defective pieces without affecting the operation of the line.

Last but not least, we have implemented a unique solution for pallets, designed to be universal for both left and right-hand variants. Including the fact that the assembly line can automatically shift between nine left and right lock variants!

With all these improvements, we have achieved the customer's requirement of producing over 350,000 locks per year with a takt time of 19.3 seconds per unit.

At Automa CZ, we pride ourselves on reliability, fairness, and long-standing business relationships.

We have had the pleasure of helping our customers for more than 30 years.