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Oil leaks from the oil pan in a car can lead to inadequate lubrication, excessive friction, and thermal stress on the engine, which damages other components. It is the manufacturer's responsibility to check the plug for leaks.

Novares is an international company specializing in the production of plastic components and systems for the automotive industry. Their products include various plastic parts and features used in the interiors, exteriors, and other parts of automobiles.

Novares has a global presence and manufactures products for various car brands. They focus on innovation and technological advancement to offer customers modern and quality solutions.

When oil leaks from the oil pan in the car, insufficient lubrication can occur, causing excessive friction and thermal stress on the engine. This leads to damage and increased wear on other components. In addition, a poorly sealed oil pan and leaks caused by an inadequately sealed plug can cause serious environmental pollution.

Therefore, the critical component is the oil pan seal plug, which must seal 100% to avoid the engine, as mentioned earlier, damage and negative environmental impact.

The manufacturer is responsible for checking the tightness, i.e., the faultless function of the sealing plug. The check cannot be carried out manually. An automatic test station is required. And we have designed and built just such a test station based on the specific needs of Novares.



The goals were clear: accuracy, maximum quality, and increasing the number of test pieces.

Our designed and supplied station automatically checks the sealing of each plug using the ATEQ F620 leak detector. Perfect and error-free products, marked with an automatically printed and applied label, are taken over by the operator and prepared for the next process. Defective pieces are discarded by an automatic manipulator so that no confusion caused by human error can occur.

The new station will test 225 units per hour compared to the original 150 units—an increase of 50%.  

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