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Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric is a long-standing customer of Automa CZ. And just like Automa CZ, Schneider Electric is a company that relies on high quality...


Witte Automotive

For suppliers to maintain their competitiveness in the market and be reliable partners for their customers, they must be able to supply components...


Hyundai Transys

How many Czech companies supply production machines to Hyundai Transys Nošovice? One and only!


ZF Passive Safety Czech

ZF Passive Safety Czech je naším dlouholetým zákazníkem, kterému pomáháme s automatizací procesů a operací.



We have been cooperating with Novares since 2020, thanks to a recommendation from Brentwood, for which we completed a previous contract.

We work with the best
Naše automatizační řešení vyvíjíme a vyrábíme s využitím komponent od renomovaných dodavatelů.