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ZF Passive Safety Czech

ZF Passive Safety Czech uses state-of-the-art ultrasonic technology on its assembly line for joining plastic lock caps. This line completes up to 1,000,000 locks per year, thanks to the advantages of ultrasonic welding, such as fast processes, high joint quality without the need for additional components, and safe, cool operation.


The international manufacturer of high-end plastic components for cars, ZF Passive Safety Czech, is one of the most advanced and modern manufacturers. That is why, when we jointly designed an assembly line for joining plastic lock covers, Automa CZ integrated a modern and environmentally friendly ultrasonic welder into the assembly line.

Ultrasonic technology is used to bond polymers or polymers to other materials. This technology can also be used for cutting and parting welding on a wide range of materials.

The whole operation is carried out by the operator placing the lock and caps in the jig, and the machine takes care of the rest. The safety door of the soundproof chamber is automatically closed, and all necessary components are checked for presence. If everything is in order, the machine ultrasonically welds the two lock caps and transfers them to the laser marking station. The finished piece then leaves the device on a conveyor belt.

1,000,000 locks per year are assembled on this assembly line.

  • The advantage of ultrasonic welding technology is very short process times and a high-quality joint without needing an additional fastening component such as a bolt or rivet.
  • No solvents or other additives need to be used in the process (generic recycling).
  • The process is stable and has high repeatability.
  • The ultrasonic tools used remain cold during the production process, thus reducing the changeover time accordingly, and hot machine parts do not injure operators.


We are pleased to have produced a machine for our primary customer, ZF Passive Safety Czech, that is also environmentally friendly thanks to MS Ultrasonic Technology Group technology and ensures maximum safety for line operators.