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WITTE Automotive

For suppliers to maintain their competitiveness in the market and be reliable partners for their customers, they must be able to supply components at an attractive price and in sufficient quantity and quality. It also happens that the customer asks us for a similar assembly line for the same product but with requirements to speed up the production or the possibility of an extension of the line in the future.

One such assembly line for car component manufacturer WITTE Automotive left the Automa CZ production hall in June 2022 and headed to Witte Automotive's Bulgarian plant. It was the FORD V710 assembly line, a modern version of the previous successful fifth car lock assembly line. In this way, we continued our long-standing and successful cooperation and developed another, more modern and faster version together. WITTE Automotive opustila v červnu 2022 výrobní halu Automa CZ a zamířila do bulharského závodu společnosti Witte Automotive. Jednalo se o montážní linku FORD V710, která je moderní verzí předchozí úspěšné linky na montáž pátého zámku auta. Navázali jsme tím na dlouholetou a úspěšnou spolupráci a společně vyvinuli další, modernější a rychlejší verzi.



Compared to the line that already produces the same car components at Witte Automotive Nejdek, we have made several significant improvements to create more locks of the same quality. The modernization mainly consisted in speeding up cycle time, adjusting the distribution of workplaces inside the line, and installing multiple checks of all lock functions at four workplaces.

We accelerated further by implementing a circulation conveyor with RFID monitoring of pallets. Two pieces in different stages of development are transported on the pallet. Thanks to modernization, we also reduced the number of manual workplaces.

The entire line is prepared for a future extension by additional workplaces in parallel parts, thereby speeding up the cycle time by an extra 30%.

Thanks to close cooperation with Witte Automotive, we fulfilled all their requirements and, thus, their customers’ requirements.

We are already thinking about the possible further development of these assembly lines and other projects of this type.

We advance our customers, possibilities, and experiences with this and every other automation project.


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