Introducing our customers...

WITTE Automotive

To remain competitive in the market and be a reliable partner for their end customers, suppliers must be able to supply components at an attractive price and in sufficient quantity and quality. Therefore, it also happens that a customer asks us for a similar assembly line for the same product but with requirements such as a faster clock speed or the possibility of expanding the line in the future.

One such assembly line for car component manufacturer WITTE Automotive left the Automa CZ production hall in June 2022 and headed to WITTE Automotive's Bulgarian plant. This was the FORD V710 assembly line, which is a modern version of the previous successful fifth lock assembly line. This was a continuation of a long and successful cooperation, and together we developed another, more modern, and faster version.


Improving the production line for automotive components at WITTE Automotive Nejdek has brought key improvements that have enabled the company to achieve higher performance and production quality.

Our priority was to optimize every aspect of the production process so that the line could produce more locks of the same high quality.

The modernization of the line involved several key steps.

  • The first was to speed up the production cycle, which was achieved by modifying the work cycle and distributing the workstations within the line.
  • In addition, we introduced an innovative control system that included several control points at four specialized sites. This ensured that all lock functions were thoroughly and repeatedly checked.
  • We also significantly improved the overall process by introducing a circulating conveyor with RFID pallet tracking. This system enabled the parallel transport and processing of two pieces at different stages of production on one pallet. This sped up the production process and minimized our dependence on manual labor.


The entire modernization process was designed to prepare the line for expansion. Adding additional workstations in parallel parts of the line could mean a further 30% increase of cycle time.

Our close cooperation with WITTE Automotive has enabled us to fully reflect our innovations to their specific requirements and the expectations of their customers. We are delighted with our results and are already jointly considering the possibilities of further development and cooperation on similar projects.

Each new automation project, including this one, not only provides us with the opportunity to move our customers forward but also to deepen our own experience and technical skills.