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We have been cooperating with Novares since 2020, thanks to a recommendation from Brentwood, for which we completed a previous contract.

Novares is a supplier of components for car manufacturers, and we designed one of the assembly lines for this customer. It is a combined line for left-hand and right-hand drive vents, consisting of equipment with rotating jigs and 12 machines.

And because the lifecycle of a similar manufacturing operation is approximately six years in automotive (and then something else is produced with different technology), one of the requirements was the possibility of redesigning the line to have other components in the future. The designers of Automa CZ designed and subsequently assembled an assembly line of output, which can be adapted. It is not necessary to produce a new one for further new operations.

Another challenge was the short delivery time. This quick development time for both parties required both parties' ultimately close and flexible cooperation for the implementation to occur on time. Automa CZ met the delivery and commissioning dates thanks to a strong team of designers and assembly.

Why Automa CZ? Because in Novares they had a terrible experience with cooperation and deliveries from Poland. The main complications were the reaction time, the long wait for the processing of the offer, and the mechanics’ level. So, it usually happened that the machine arrived at production in Janovice nad Úhlavou and had to be reworked on-site, which caused a delay in overall production.

Automa CZ does not know these complications and problems. On the contrary, both parties agreed on the requirements and expectations at the outset. The advantage was that Automa CZ has already implemented a similar project in the past and can build an automatic precision line for difficult-to-assemble and miniature components.

The result was a streamlining of OEE and additional space savings. At the same time, the products do not have to be stored on a shelf.


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