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The innovative assembly line from Automa CZ for Novares enables the production of air vents for both types of car steering. The line with 12 machines with rotating fixtures meets current requirements and is ready for future changes. With a fast and flexible design, it is delivered on time by Automa CZ thanks to a robust design and assembly team.

Novares is a renowned global supplier of plastic components and systems for the automotive industry. The company specializes in developing and manufacturing component products for vehicle interiors, exteriors, and engine compartments.

Automa CZ is one of the long-term partners providing Novares with long-term industrial automation support. One of the joint projects was constructing an assembly line for air vents for both types of car steering, consisting of 12 workstations with rotating fixtures.

In the automotive industry, where the lifespan of production operations often is at most 6 years, the demands on the flexibility and adaptability of production lines are increasing. This context gives rise to the need to design and deliver an assembly line that not only meets current needs but is also prepared for future changes in production.

Implementing this line was also associated with other challenges, among which the short delivery time stands out—the extremely short development time of the line required extremely close and flexible cooperation between the two parties to successfully deliver the project on time. Thanks to a strong engineering and assembly team, Automa CZ ensured that the delivery and commissioning deadlines were met.

Why Automa CZ? Bad experiences with deliveries from other countries led Novares to look for a reliable partner. Long waiting times for the processing of quotations, low level of mechanics, and frequent need for on-site modifications - all this was a thing of the past. The cooperation with Automa CZ started solidly, with both parties sharing requirements and expectations.

This successful collaboration has resulted in an improvement in overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) while saving space by eliminating the need to store fixtures.

Automa CZ has thus proven to be a partner that not only delivers innovative solutions but also strengthens the efficiency of the production process for the future.


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