How a reliable and powerful machine can take you to Bali

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Having an unstable machine park and suppliers can take the price of your vacation every year!


No joke. If the demand for your products is high, your customer market is dynamic, and your machines are also good, then the operation of your factory will pay off. Your costs are, therefore, sustainable, and you have a streamlined, profitable company. Your weekly income is X.

But there are always downtimes. A machine goes out of production or does not arrive on time. When can I show my resume? It depends on your supplier connections. If in one day, your loss, i.e., what you did not produce with your machine/production line/plant, is Y.

If the machine manufacturer does not deliver your production line on time, or if the existing one stops and maintenance or spare parts are delayed, the loss accumulates daily. In four weeks, the formula for profitability/loss becomes 4X–20Y.

Replace the unknown numbers with the numbers you know, and it can quickly turn out that an unstable machine park and supplier will take the price of your vacation every year.

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