Comprehensive automation including all activities

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Collaboration is our power! Automation all-inclusive? We can!


Automated production or assembly lines can operate without human intervention, but the line itself needs to continuously replenish materials and components for assembly.

Therefore, if the process is to be as automatic and smooth as possible, the material flow should also be automated by automating warehouses, for example, by using RFID tagging, Automated Guided Vehicles, and automatic palletizing. This ensures an automatic flow of material – 24/7. Automa CZ can build up super modern and quality production lines and equipment with palletizing input or output material that can and are ready to fully cooperate with automated warehouses. And because we're part of Central European Automation Holding, we can use modern solutions to automate intralogistics from Antra ID Kft.

That is what the entire operation of Central European Automation Holding is all about—a unique combination of the best of the best. Automa CZ is comprised of Czech experts specializing in the assembly and production of lines and robotic workstations. We have our Antra ID champions in solving the automation and digitization of intralogistics, and the team of programmers from Auware Engineering perfectly complements us. It doesn't end with the machine! We can solve everything with our colleagues from Antra ID and Auware Engineering. And we're unique in that!


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