Digital solutions also help in the energy crisis

Growing energy demands significantly define the present and may present challenges in the future.


According to a recent survey, more than 40% of domestic businesses are only now facing rising energy bills. Of course, coping strategies differ by sector and company: according to 14% of Hungarian companies, they may easily have to close down, 57% see the solution in price increases, and some postpone developments, but as an encouraging sign, nearly a third of them prefer to invest in increasing energy efficiency.

It is forward-looking if the company advances technologically to reduce costs. Forward-thinking businesses can create a win-win situation with an innovative approach to energy efficiency. According to statistics, companies that try to deal with the crisis with innovative systems and solutions can reduce their carbon footprint by 40%.

Counting Everything That Counts

Efficiency and quality can only be increased if we start from the field level with accurate and transparent measurements of the processes. So, let's measure everything that counts and automate what is possible.

An energy-efficient system is usually more expensive, which previously could have been a sufficient argument against investing in energy efficiency. Still, the current prices have highlighted the need for development and quick payback.

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