Automation Vision: Camera controls and machine vision changing industry

Increasingly sophisticated technologies are being used to achieve greater efficiency, quality and safety in manufacturing and other industries. One revolutionary area is the use of camera inspection and machine vision.


Camera controls are the eyes of the industry. These advanced cameras can capture, process, and analyze images and videos in real time. They allow us to monitor and control production processes, ensure product quality, and even monitor workplace safety.

Camera controls are crucial in quality management, product inspection, and process monitoring. They can detect even the smallest flaws, helping to reduce scrap and increase reliability. Advanced algorithms enable these cameras to perform complex tasks like pattern recognition and barcode reading.


Machine vision: intelligent recognition

Machine vision is an even more sophisticated technology that uses camera controls and artificial intelligence. This technology allows machines to "see" and "understand" images and videos. Machine vision can use machine learning algorithms to analyze and recognize complex patterns.

Machine vision has many applications in industry, from identifying product defects to tracking movement and controlling robots. It can also bring safety features such as security gates based on person detection.

The future of automation: endless possibilities

Automation is not only about replacing human labor with machines but also about increasing the intelligence and capabilities of these machines. Camera controls and machine vision are key technologies that enable machines to sense and react to their environment. This way, production lines can be more efficient, accurate, and flexible.

Automa CZ is known for its strong focus on innovation and the use of state-of-the-art technology in its automation solutions. In the camera control and machine vision field, it has been cooperating for more than 10 years with SmartView, a Czech company specializing in these solutions.

One of the most recent joint projects using these technologies was an assembly line for an automatic seat belt retractor system. SmartView cameras were used to inspect the foundation and assembly of individual components closely and, thus, the overall proper function of the belt buckle. This is the second similar machine. In this case, however, SmartView designed the hardware enhancements—this new range of smart cameras with artificial intelligence complemented by special lighting. Cognex ViDi technology has been used here for easy setup of the camera control. In this case, advanced AI algorithms have made it possible to optimize the total number of hardware components, among other things.

One of the most demanding checks from Vision's point of view is recognizing the type of springs installed. The chosen AI tools allow reliable evaluation of the types of couplings, including missing or misplaced parts. Thanks to deep learning technology and the ViDi Locate tool, checking the completeness of individual part positions before covering is one of the most reliable parts of the application.

One of the customer's key requirements was to maintain the software platform, if possible, so the changes would be as little noticeable as possible. We were able to achieve this because the AI camera has a very similar software platform.

Automa CZ carefully selects its partners and cooperates only with the most reliable ones. It always offers its customers only the best technologies for industrial automation. For more than 30 years...


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