Robots, take control!

„The future factory will have only two employees, a man, and a dog. The man will be there to feed the dog. The dog will keep the man from touching the equipment.” Warren G. Bennis, American economist (1925–2014)


Are robots the saviors of manufacturing?

Five current trends show how the use of robots can promote digitalization and prevent a shortage of skilled labor:

  • Digitization of production;
  • Automation against the lack of skilled labor;
  • Increasing demand for so-called low-cost robots;
  • Automation of older machinery;
  • Used industrial robots.

The demand for industrial robots is higher than ever before. About 570,000 new industrial robots in 2022 – a new record. The industrial trend points in the direction of personalized products. This leads to an ever-decreasing volume of profit margins. Such production is only affordable if it is automated and digitized.

Eastern Europe is included in the trends, too; it tries to be at the forefront. The robot density of the Czech Republic is outstanding in international comparison, but Slovakia and Hungary are also catching up quickly. Gain access to best-in-class solutions and services in all critical areas of industrial automation with Automa CZ.

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