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Phone number: + 420 383 321 111

Email: info@automacz.cz

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More than 30 years...

We teach machines how to help people

We are a leading Czech supplier of single-purpose machines, lines, and robotic workplaces.

Do you need to automate production? We know how to do it.

If you are looking for a partner who will provide you with creative solutions and reliability supported by many years of experience, you have come to the right place.

Design of automation solutions

We will discover the most efficient ways of automation for you, considering your technical needs, deadlines, and economic possibilities.

Programming and integration

Thanks to our extensive experience in production operations, we can save you a lot of time during our equipment's integration and subsequent process.

Service and repair

We handle maintenance and retrofitting of our automation technologies flexibly and quickly. In addition, you always communicate with a genuine specialist with us.

We are part of the Central European Automation Holding group

As members of the Central European group of companies specializing in automation, we provide comprehensive services to local and multinational customers in automotive, electrical engineering, food industry, etc.